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Madagascar vanilla harvest in basket

Building Relationships

At Vanilla Exotics, we have been building relationships with small rural vanilla farmers to help them get their product to market.

It is our mission to support small farming communities and supply home cooks and professional chefs with world-class vanilla at a reasonable and fair price for both farmer and consumer.
Vanilla Exotics
How We
Do it
• We work directly with vanilla-producing communities and small farms consulting with growers to help them optimize their process so they can maximize the quality and value of their crop.

• We buy directly from small growers, eliminating additional intermediaries and, so, reducing the end cost.

• We price our vanilla products reasonably for the consumer and professional culinary market. That means high-quality, ethically sourced, fairly priced vanilla products for you without unethical markups.

Whether you’re a home chef, a casual baker, or a culinary professional, we want you to have access to high-quality vanilla at a fair price — knowing that the farmers who grew it are being treated fairly.