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Madagascar vanilla harvest in basket

Once upon a time there was a farmer

Inspired by the hard-working farmers in coastal Ecuador where I tried my hand at cacao and vanilla farming, I learned first hand how little the farmer got for their efforts.

It was easy to see small transporters & large trading companies buying up harvests of various sorts and selling for instant profits—largely because the small farmers don't have access to information and infrastructure.
Vanilla Exotics
With my background in digital marketing along my love of culinary arts, I sought a way to use my skills to help connect local growers directly to the end consumer.

First we tried working with local cacao farmers in Ecuador and exported a shipment to the United States. But for various reasons the logistics were quite difficult.

Then in 2018 we then followed up with a vanilla producer in Ecuador. He mentored us on growing vanilla on our small farm in Esmeraldas Province Ecuador.

We learned a lot about the challenges of growing vanilla and are grateful for the experience.

We are now focused on working with vanilla small rural vanilla farmers to promote their products and find ways to give back to these communities.