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How to Make

Homemade Vanilla Extract

One of my favorite chefs, Laura Vitale, shows how fast and easy it is to make homemade vanilla extract.  Below the video is the recipe with notes on the variations that will help create your own unique vanilla extract.

Regular and double strength vanilla extract transform desserts like custards, delicate cakes, puddings, creams, and buttercream frosting by adding subtle, complex flavors & aromas.  Vanilla Extracts are very easy to make—the hardest part of making it is waiting the 5 or 6 weeks for it to be done.


  • Extract also known as B Grade Vanilla Beans

  • Some type of 35% or 70 proof alcohol

    • Use Vodka for a pure vanilla extract that will be a versatile ingredient in all of your recipes

    • or if you want to customize your recipe, try using a 35% or 70 proof Rum, Brandy, or Bourbon


Find a tall jar or bottle and sterilize it in hot water the same way you would if you were preparing glass jars for canning.


Find a tall jar or bottle and sterilize it in hot water the same way you would if you were preparing glass jars for canning.

For regular strength vanilla extract use 5-7 beans for 8 ounces of vanilla. 


Slice each bean about halfway down for the best presentation.  Or if you prefer, you can cut the bean in half but it won't look as nice.

Place the beans in your sanitized jar or bottle and cover the vanilla beans with one of the alcohol choices from above.  Feel free to add more alcohol if needed to cover the beans.

Cover the jar and store it out of the sun at room temperature. Wait at least 8 weeks before using. The extract will be better after 6 months and will be superb after 12+ months.  

You can add back a little alcohol after each time you take some from the bottle.  You can't do this forever, but this trick will work a while. 

This is a prefect gift for anyone that loves playing in the kitchen.  Fill a small jar with your homemade vanilla extract, add a bow & handwritten label—you now have a gift every chef or home cook will adore!

Grade B
Vanilla Beans
for Making Extracts

Handmade vanilla extract ads rich, complex flavors to your cakes.




Extracts add complex flavors & aromas to custards, cakes, puddings, creams, and buttercream frostings.


Greenhouse-grown & sourced from family-owned farms in Ecuador.

7 Grade B Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans for Extract


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